Friday, November 13, 2009

Exorphins Illicit An Opiate Effect In The Brain

I apologize for the lack of posting. On top of being a full time student and running my affiliate I have also been coaching at CrossFit Orlando and at the end of the night I am exhausted.

Dr. Christine Zioudrou and colleagues at the National Institutes of Mental Health got this conversation going back in 1979 with their paper, Opioid peptides derived from food proteins: The exorphins.

Exorphins are exogenously-derived peptides (i.e., short amino acid sequences obtained from outside the body) that exert morphine-like properties. Mimicking the digestive process that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract using the gastric enzyme, pepsin, and hydrochloric acid (stomach acid), Zioudrou et al isolated peptides from wheat gluten with morphine-like activity. They followed this research path because of the apparent association of wheat and mental illness.

In the bioassays used, wheat-derived exorphins competed successfully with the endogenous opiate, met-enkephalin. Interestingly, casein-derived (i.e., casein milk protein) exorphins were also identified that also displayed opiate-binding activity, though less powerfully. The morphine-like activity was also blocked by the drug, naloxone (the same stuff given to people exposed to morphine overdose).

Taken from the Heart Scan Blog

Front Squat


"Death By Clean And Jerks"
With a continuously running clock do
1 Clean and Jerk the First minute
2 Clean and Jerks the second minute
3 Clean and Jerks the third minute
Continue as long as you are able, break up in to as many sets as needed.
Men use 135#, women use 95#

Post loads and rounds completed to comments.


  1. FS
    220x5, PR from 205
    Failed at 230, I meant to squat 225 first but mixed up the numbers

    4 Rounds as Rx'ed, PR is 7 Rnds. Arms and legs are shot and I'm looking forward to resting this weekend.

  2. Front Squat

    185x5, PR from 165, then
    195x3, PR from 180

    Death by C and J's

    5 rounds as Rx'ed