Friday, September 24, 2010

9 Steps To Prevent Overtraining

1. Vary training methods
2. Take advantage of therapeutic modalities
3. Use good technique when lifting
4. Get 8 hours of sleep
5. Proper nutrition and sound supplementation
6. Take advantage of psychological modalities that enhance recovery like visualization or meditation
7. Avoid all stressors that adversely affect your training, just say no to negative energy!
8. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and narcotics
9. Properly cycle training efforts

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The wrecking ball known as "The Beast".

AbWheel rollouts from standing. Good luck getting out of bed the next morn.

Chain Pull Ups
Place a number of chains behind your neck and do two reps, take a chain off and repeat until you are only using bodyweight.

Sots Presses

3 Rounds
8 Cleans (Men use 155#/Women use 103#)
Prowler Bear Crawl

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