Monday, November 1, 2010

Deload Week

What is one of the biggest mistakes strength coaches, personal trainers, athletes and lifters make?

They never DELOAD.

In fact, they come in for weeks and weeks on end and train their asses off. That’s good and bad.

Good - in the fact that they’re trying to build muscle, as well as getting stronger and faster. They’re trying to get more mobile, more explosive and get better for their sport(s).

Bad - with all of this training, you must build times recovery into your program. I’m not talking about a one-day recovery session. I am talking about a week-long process that specifically pays attention to getting your body ready for the next intense three to four week training block.

This is called a deload.

What is a Deload?

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Practice One Arm Push Ups and One Arm/One Leg Push Ups

Box Jump

Kettlebell Snatch Technique

Goblet Squats

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