Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Philosophiae

  • Strength is paramount, conditioning is incidental.
  • Squat and deadlift.
  • If you are not properly using kettlebells you will never reach your full potential. Kettlebells transfer better to the barbell better than anything I have ever seen. The barbell does not transfer well to kettlebells.
  • Why buy a dumbbell when you can buy a kettlebell?
  • Your life or the life of another may depend on your physical prowess.
  • Arthur Saxon and Eugen Sandow got it right, train like them. A 370 pound bent press is unquestionable.
  • If you want to squat 500 pounds eat like you want to squat 560 pounds because once you squat 500, you'll want 560.
  • Curls should be in your program. Connective tissue takes 2-3 weeks to grow due to the lack of blood vessels in them whereas muscle takes 2-3 days. This is the same reason steroid users tear tendons and ligamnets. Still not convinced? How about elbow flexion in the saggital plane using a third class lever.
  • If you can bench press 350 pounds and you put your hands on someone they will go where you want to to go.
  • Bench presses and curls are both overrated and underrated at the same time.
  • You should be able to move your body weight with minimal fatigue over an extended period. Push ups, pull ups, flutter kicks, climbing, crawling, et al.
  • You should also be able to attach a substantial weight to your body and knock out 15 strict pull ups.
  • One arm/one leg movements = success.
  • Clean and jerk and snatch, heavy.
  • SAQ drills strengthen your ACL and aid in preventing tears, do them.
  • Your body can only weigh so much and so little, you cannot lose bone and organ mass. Worry about strength to weight ratio not what the scale says. The barbell and stopwatch cannot lie.
  • Drink olive oil.
  • Learn and master the turkish get up
  • Mobility will improve your technique and strength. Find your inflexibilities and correct them.
  • Isolation movements can be used to improve muscle imbalances. They should not be the bulk of your program however.
  • Triple extension in the Olympic lifts is not the same as rotational strength through the hips.
  • It was originally spelled "pliometrics".
  • Know your goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Changes may have to be made.
  • The biggest muscle isn't always the strongest muscle.
  • There are some laws that you should know among these are: Accomodation, Supercompensation, and Diminishing Returns. Unless you are in a sport then the Law of Diminishing Returns applies to you. If you are not a powerlifter a 1,100 pound squat stopped benefiting you a long time ago. Know the difference.
  • We all have a "6 pack", technically we all have an 8 pack. Being able to see your abs doesn't guarantee abdominal strength.
  • Unfortunately, no matter how hard you train someone will always be stronger and quicker than you. It's your job to surpass them.
  • Knowledge is an on going process.

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    The king of kettlebell movements

    Knee Snatches

    D/E Bench Press

    10 Minute VO2Max

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