Friday, February 26, 2010

How Do You Store Your Water?

I’ve made my stance on bottled water quite clear before, but I’ll go ahead and reiterate: bottled water is a joke. It’s completely unnecessary, unless you’re in a nation with unsafe water quality, and the plastic bottles make for excellent landfill fodder. You could reuse the bottles, but then you’ve gotta worry about the plastic leaching into your water, especially the more you refill and reuse them (and don’t ever stick ‘em in the dishwasher). Poor taste is one thing – I can’t expect a person to happily drink tap water that tastes terrible – but tap is perfectly safe to drink, especially if used with a simple filter. And if it weren’t, most bottled water wouldn’t be any better, since it’s often just repackaged tap (check the label or cap – if it says “from a municipal source” or “from a community water system” or anything along similar lines, it’s tap water). Sparkling water in glass bottles is justifiable (tap isn’t bubbly, after all, although you could make it so at home, and the glass bottles are definitely reusable (I like filling them with homemade salad dressings).

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Just look at that concentration

Farmer's Walk then

Pull Ups 3x3

Kettlebell Complex
3 Rounds of 6 reps each
Alternating One Arm Swings
Clean and Push Presses (per arm)
Snatches (per arm)
Front Squats (per arm)

This is not for time, rest 90 seconds between rounds

Post FW's loads and weight used to comments.
Big Kids Double Dutch

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