Thursday, February 18, 2010


Some techniques I've used for recovery that are very useful and effective are the Foam Roller, a Contrast Hydro Therapy Shower, and massages. As far as supplements go, I have had good results with Carlson's Fish Oil, Potassium, and ZMA. For the fish oil I take 2 Tablespoons daily, this was when I started to definitely notice the soreness not setting in to quite the degree it used to. I would now, however, recommend Dr. Barry Sears' Omega Rx fish oil due to the very high concentration of Omega 3's and the purity of the oil.


Skill: Pose Run

Weightlifting: Front Squat 5x2

5 Rounds for time
Suicide Run
9 Pull Ups

Post loads and times to comments.

Improving Muscle Elasticity

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  1. Front Squat, worked up to 185 with 4 pairs of chains.

    Did this up in Orlando today where it was the WoD on Wednesday and Rx'ed with 3 rope climbs. 5:12 as Rx'ed"