Saturday, February 13, 2010


Recently after digging up some more information on different training ideas I have decided to make changes to the way we train. What we are going to do is incorporate several training ideas to help make a better athlete. This has already started to occur and will be a process over the next several months as we see what works, what doesn't, and as we increase our knowledge base.

My reasoning for this is because I look at top tier athletes from all sports and figure that if what they are doing works for them and makes them the best, then it can certainly work for us. Granted, since we train several different sports the old adage "If you chase two rabbits, both will get away" still applies. Lest we forget our goal is overall fitness and maximal power output. This will only make us better.

Some of these changes will include and are not limited to a skill set prior to the workout that either helps develop a skill (i.e. POSE Running, Handstands) or trains the body (Farmer's Walk, Slosh Pipe, Med Ball exercises, etc.). We will still do a lift followed by a metcon most of the time, however we will not always work towards a Max Effort (ME).

I'm not giving away all of my secrets for several reasons: 1 I don't have all of the equipment I need just yet and. 2 I want to keep it as exclusive as possible.

Those that train with me out of my garage are the best and because of their dedication and faith in my abilities deserve nothing but the absolute best from me and that is what they are going to get. I am going to dedicate more time to making sure I keep this blog up and running for them.

"What have I learned from yesterday?" - Tim Lambesis


  1. Sounds great Chris!!! Anything that makes us stronger and faster is okay in my book. Now, when are you going to get the damn search function fixed on this blog????? :)

  2. I am all in!!! Do we get new "Chris-isms" with the overhaul? Although, _________, ________ and/or ___________ might be a little sore tommorrow is still my favorite.