Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adrenal Fatigue/Wendler 5-3-1

I had two questions that are sufficiently related that I can tackle them in one post. One relates to training, the other to adrenal fatigue Here are the two questions:


I noticed you posted on coach rut’s site about doing the wendler 5-3-1, which i had heard of before. i looked it up, and i noticed the similarities it had with the layout of MEBB program with the rep scheme and all, except that the wendler progresses with sub-maximal weights while in MEBB, its always a max-effort.

would you mind commenting on sub-maximal progressions vs. max efforts for improving strength (which do you think is better?). and do you think the wendler 5-3-1 could be mixed with metcons similar to MEBB programming?


Hey Robb,

Awesome entry. It’s like it works, indeed.

Question: I’ve got a client (and this holds true for myself as well) who I suspect is suffering from major adrenal fatigue. Way too many hours working, way too little sleep, way too much stress. Is there a way to quantify this/get some kind of cortisol measurement we can track? Going by feel is tough–some days he reports he feels great but performance is dragging; by same token I occasionally feel great on 3 quad americanos spaced out over the course of the day but fear that might be overkill and would love a way to quantify it!

So, I’ll tackle my training first, then the adrenal fatigue issue as the two are related. For the past several months I’ve been following elements of both CrossFit FootBall and Coach Rut’s Max Effort Black Box. I’ve ifting days. It progresses folks in a very measured way that generally keeps one within ones means, but it DOES have Some Max effort elements to it (in answer the question above). It is just a different format than the MEBB. Both approaches attempt to control volume and intensity with an eention roughly how I have structured the training.

Taken from RobbWolf.com




Pull Ups
Swings (Men use 55#/Women use 35#)

Post loads and times to comments


  1. Is it 3-3-3-1-1-1 of anything, or maybe beer?

  2. You know there will probably never be any beer served here. If so I would label the WoD "Death by 12oz Curls"

  3. Now thats a workout I could do as rx'ed!! Probably make it to the Games, too!!!
    In the meantime, I'll go ahead and do deadlifts...

    285#x3 (PR)!!
    300#x1 (PR)!!

    Metcon 4:57