Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 Kettlebell Movements For Powerlifting

Powerlifters are a resourceful group; we'll do damn near anything to add pounds to our lifts and grow our total. Go to any powerlifting gym today and you'll likely see lifters using bands, chains, dragging sleds, and other various tools to help them move progressively bigger iron!

Unfortunately, too many people view Kettlebells solely as a conditioning tool. In fact, the following moves can help you get stronger, improve mobility, and take your powerlifting total to the next level…

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My nephew Ashton hanging around.

Band Jumps

M/E Bench Press
Shoulder Mobility Work

Ring Dips
Front Squats (Men use 155#/Women use 103#)

Post loads and times to comments


  1. Bench 255#

    4:46 as Rx'ed + 2 pairs of chains on the FS's.

  2. Bench 230#

    135# front squats - I know it was less than 5 minutes just can't remember exactly