Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Perfect Rep

As a strength and bodybuilding coach, and as a weightlifter myself, I've learned more this year about training than the previous 10 years combined.

To be specific, I've made major advances in determining an exact methodology for sustainedmaximum growth of muscle cells.

More specifically, I've determined just exactly how to produce radical hypertrophy — every time I train — not only in myself, but in every single individual I've been training with these concepts.

I'm not exaggerating or setting you up for a twist on basic information that you've heard a thousand times before. I'm talking about huge advances in training that'll change the way you build muscle forever — if you can fully understand and implement the core principles of what I've learned.

Let's face the facts, at first glance, the act of performing repetitions with a barbell is a very simple concept involving just a few variables. And, of course, you've "learned" how to lift a weight the very first time you grabbed a bar...

But did you?

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Probably THE most functional form of training we have.

Jump Rope Practice

Dead-hang Pull Ups 3x10
Kroc Rows 2x8

Rest 5 minutes then
5 Rounds
5 Tire Flips (Women do 3)
10 Tire Push Ups
20 Walking Lunges

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