Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Things We Should Already Be Doing

Throughout my years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen many things both good and bad. Working at a commercial gym for two years, I tend to see more bad than good.

Below is a checklist I came up with to help you determine whether you’re truly training or just wasting your time.

#1 Are you squatting or deadlifting regularly?
Hitting 3–4 sets of 135 lbs for 10 reps doesn’t count. You should be performing heavy deadlifts or squats at least one time per week. I’ve found that a heavy deadlift day and a squat day in the same week generally doesn’t work because it’s way too taxing on the body. Unless you’re doing these two exercises regularly, don’t come to me asking how to put on more muscle.

#2 Do you perform body weight movements?
My number one upper body movement is pull-ups, either body weight or weighted. If you don’t perform pull-ups regularly, get out of my gym. You’re wasting space. On top of pull-ups, there are hundreds of body weight movements that should be utilized in any training program. If you can’t move your body weight fluently, what good are you? And no, I don’t care if you bench press 500 lbs or more.

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1 Minute of Deadlifts
Try to get between 10 and 20.
If you get less than 10, you went too heavy.
More than 20, too light

Sumo Deadlifts

5 Rounds
10 Pull Ups
25 Jumping Squats

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  1. ME C & J - 175# Form felt good and good lockout at the top

    1 min. deadlifts - 275# for 13 reps