Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Stetch Reflex

Many people refer to the stretch reflex as the key to explosive training. How it is applied, however, is frequently misunderstood. This article takes an in-depth look at this action and how you can better utilize it in any or all aspects of your training.

The need for variety in the training program has been well established. This includes not only the need to modify and change the exercises being used but also how the exercises are executed and how the training regimes are used. When you use different rates of speed in weight training exercises, you can develop greater strength and muscle mass than when using only one rate.

Because bodybuilders and athletes are using increasingly heavy weights with high training volume, the speed of the movement is becoming slower. This is effective in maintaining maximum tension on the muscle through the full range of motion. However, using less resistance and increasing the speed of execution is also effective for muscle mass and strength, especially for the faster contracting (fast twitch) muscle fibers.

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Developing the ring dip through the use of bands

Shoulder/Hip Mobility Drills

M/E Overhead Squat

Kenneth Jay's cMVO2 Test
Men use 16k/Women use 25#
1st Minute: 10 Snatches, 1 per 6 seconds
2nd Minute: 14 Snatches, 1 per 4.2 seconds
3rd Minute: 18 Snatches, 1 per 3.3 seconds
4th Minute: 22 Snatches, 1 per 2.7 seconds
5th Minute: All out, as many as possible

Score is your reps completed in the 5th minute


  1. 190# OHS PR by 5#

    30 snatches on the 5th minute.

  2. 145# Overhead Squat, giant PR!

    fifth minute - 25 snatches