Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RKC Advanced Strength

Back in ancient Greece, in the days of the battle at the Hot Gates, the human race had superior genetics compared to us in this lifetime. A couple of years ago an experiment was conducted across history. Exercise physiologists, engineers and historians from several universities across Europe set out to determine the level of conditioning these heroes of ancient times possessed.

By an historical analysis of information on these men’s training, ability to sail their ships and cover great distances by foot it was shown that the cardiovascular endurance and strength of the “average” man would be hard if not impossible to find a match for today—even when recruiting from the ranks of world level athletes. The scientists wrote: “It would be hard today to find enough world class athletes in the entire world to row a single copy of an ancient battleship at the same speed and for the same duration as the men from the past were able to do. Today we would not stand a chance against these men”.

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Kettlebell Complex
3 Cycles, 6 Reps per side
Side Pressx3
Front Squat
Push Press
Two Hand Swing


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