Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Istvan Javorek Teaches Proper Technique

Spring in Florida is no reason not to use a snow sled

Sled Drag

Rest 5 minutes then
21 Shoulder Presses
Run 800m
21 Push Presses
Run 800m
21 Push Jerks
Run 800m

Men use 95#/Women use


  1. Sled drag 6 laps

    Subbed 1000m rows for the run, rain slowed us down a bit moving equipment but finished in 21:37

  2. I thought I changed it to Row 1000m on the blog, I remember typing it in. Odd.

    Did Wednesday's workout since my schedule got off track.

    35# Overhead walk per arm

    Dips, 100# + 2 pairs of chains for 12 sets of 2.

    6:33 with 2 24kg Swings