Friday, April 16, 2010

The Love Affair With Bacon

Thin, thick, smoky, salty, hearty, meaty, maple, chewy or crispy. Different strokes, as they say. Nonetheless, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone – especially a Primal type – who doesn’t sing bacon’s praises. (Too bad so manyCW followers eschew this fine delicacy.) Nonetheless, I wanted to address some questions dangling out there in the MDA comments and forum. Is bacon an indulgence or an acceptable stock ingredient in Primal eating? Do we need to shell out for nitrite-free? What about organic? Is there really such a thing as grass-fed pork?

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We love our Prowler

Depth Jumps

Rack Jerks

Rest 5 minutes then
5 Rounds
10 Hindu Push Ups
50 Squats

Post loads and times to comments

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