Friday, April 9, 2010

Soviets vs Americans

If it skips, just click ahead a little bit.


Reverse Hypers can be trained every day

Band Assisted Jumps

Bottoms Up Presses

Rest 5 minutes then

5 Rounds
15 Chest Slap Push Ups
Litvinov Sprints

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  1. Did the bottoms up presses 3x10 each arm with 16 kg, then 6 reps right arm with the 24 kg and only 2 with my left arm. I like those, strength and balance combined.
    I couldn't do max kettlebell presses, my shoulder is too sore, i need to get this damn knot out of my shoulder blade!!!!

    5 rounds Chest slap pushups and Litvinov sprints 7:40? as Rx'ed