Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Law Of Accomodation

Taken from the CrossFit Journal Article "CrossFit Westside?"

Law of accommodation—Accommodation is the
decrease in response of a biological object to a
stimulus. In other words, if we train the same
movements under similar training loads over a long
period of time, performance gains will decrease.
It is our objective, then, to avoid accommodation.
We avoid accommodation by modifying training
programs either quantitatively or qualitatively:
• Quantitative: changing training loads
(total amount of weight lifted).
• Qualitative: replacing the exercises.

40# Box Jumps for explosive power

200m Overhead Walk

12x2 at 70%

Rest minutes then
4 Rounds for time
1 "Snow Sled"
15 Kettlebell Swings (Men use 2 pood/Women use 1.5 pood)

Post loads and times to comments

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  1. Did 2 Ring handstand pushups. Took a bit to get the courage to go all the way upside down, once there it wasn't as hard as I thought to stabilize.

    Dips 12x2 @85#

    Snow sled, KB swings 7:06 as Rx'ed