Thursday, June 10, 2010

Curls...Do Them

After years of discounting the practice, I’m about to do something I didn’t think I’d ever do. I’m going to do a public about-face and not only endorse but encourage direct biceps work as an integral component of your training, irrespective of your goal. And no, I haven’t been hanging around the Jersey Shore.

But first, a preamble…I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve called John Berardi a brother, mentor, best friend, and business partner for the last ten years. I work in a market segment that’s growing in number and girth, and I’ve grown up and now practice during a period of robust exercise study, theory, and application.

It’s a painful irony that the world continues to get fatter, sicker, and less fit as we get better at what we do, but our grasp on creating whole body transformations has never been more effective. And I fortunately fell in love with the field just as the grip tightened.

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Practicing the Turkish Get Up with a shoe teaches proper shoulder/arm position

Reaction Ball

Thrusters (Not timed)
Pick a weight for each don't set the bar down.


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  1. 135x 10. wanted to go a little heavier but I felt slow today so it was a good weight.



  2. 65/45/33 I felt puny from not sleeping and the long week. I need rest.