Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Why Should You Not Swing Higher Than Your Chest?"

"Why not swing higher?-Because many sports (boxing, martial arts, football, shot put, etc.) demand that you project your force forward. And because inexpert high swings encourage injuries by the way of jamming the shoulders through a lack of thoracic mobility, aggravating the neck, hyperextending the lower back, etc.

Project your swing proper forward, like a straight punch to the solar plexus. Look at the horizon, not the ceiling.

And if your sport is Olympic weightlifting or Highland games-snatch. 'The snatch is an exercise in elevating the energy, the swing is an exercise in projecting the energy forward,' clarifies Brett Jones, Master RKC. 'If we want to elevate-we will snatch." - Taken from Dragon Door's HKC manual.

Joel's first taste of Good Mornings.

Single leg Deadlifts

Shoulder Press
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
Max Reps at 95%

Rest 5 minutes then
Double Alternating Tabata
Swings (Men use 24k/Women use 16k)
Hindu Push Ups

Scores is the sum of lowest reps completed from each

Post loads, reps and scores to comments


  1. single leg deadlifts 1 pood
    5 x 78, 3 x 88, 1 x 98

    19 for tabata as rx

  2. Shoulder Presses

    24 as Rx'ed. Held 13 swings the entire WoD and 12 Hindu Push Ups until the last rounds.

  3. Sorry, I meant the last round. I was only able to complete 11 HPU's on the last round.

  4. Presses 130 x 5, 150 x 3, 165 (failed)

    25 as Rx'ed, I couldn't let Chris beat me!!!