Monday, June 28, 2010

Rob Orlando

"Rob Orlando doesn't weigh and measure. He eats the souls of those he has bested."

"Rob Orlando swallowed a thousand souls, then unleashed their screams when he clean and jerked 300 3 times at the Regionals."

30 Minutes at 245#

We all remember our first time with the Prowler

PNF Hip Flexor Stretch and T-Test

M.E. Shoulder Press

Rest 5 minutes then

5 3 Minute AMRAP cycles of

3 Power Cleans (Men use 155#/ Women use 103#)
6 Clapping Push Ups
9 Jumping Squats

Post loads and total rounds completed to comments


  1. 14 rounds as Rx'ed. After the second round on the first cycle my legs reminded me that they were there and not happy with me.

  2. Shoulder Press 155#. Not quite what I wanted, but 10# up from what it was. Not my PR, but, as long as the weights are moving up I'm still happy.

  3. Yep, thats my face blowing up, but i'll take a bodyweight press @ 175# (PR)

    Dropped to 145# after the first cycle, managed 13 rounds, I floated in my swimming pool for a while after that one.