Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clubbing It

Pay special attention to the technique and how open their shoulders are getting. Most of these techniques we will learn after having mastered the beginning techniques. Crawl before you walk.

Huge PR's yesterday! Joel broke 200 to finish at 205#! At least a 20# PR!

Sled Pulls and Side Presses

Max Height Box Jump

Rest 5 minutes then
4 Rounds for time
Run 400m
50 Double Unders

Post loads and times to comments


  1. Box Jump 41" (barely) which is 2" less than my old PR. It's unusual for me not to PR on a repeat benchmark, but I guess you can't PR all the time!!

    Metcon 12:26? I think

  2. 29# PR
    15:51 150 jumps for every 50 double unders