Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weightlifting Explained

Recently athletes from all sports have begun to realize the importance of weight training. Athletes in all sports have the potential to enhance performance by supplementing their programs with weight training. So, why have boxers been reluctant to realize the importance of resistance training? Maybe it's because they will get too big, and slow or lose all of their flexibility. Let me share a few secrets with you. Functional muscle will make you faster.

Every movement you make is the result of a muscular contraction. Increasing the size of the functional unit of muscle tissue (myofibril hypertrophy) will result in faster more powerful movements. As far as getting big is concerned; this is not a simple task. People that become large from weight training put a great deal of effort in attaining maximum muscle mass. This requires large amounts of food and proper training and does not happen by accident. If getting big was as simple as just lifting weights everyone who spent endless hours in the gym would look like bodybuilders. On top of the dedication and hard work proper genetics must also be present to display high levels of muscularity and mass.

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An excellent demonstration of Rate of Force Production

Weighted Box Jumps

Pose Drills

Rest 5 minutes then
3 Rounds
Row 500m
Rest 3 minutes

Post times for all three rounds to comments

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