Thursday, March 18, 2010


I found this on the Gym Jones website, I concur with their sentiments:

The outcome of both sports competition and actual combat are decided largely by one's mental attitude. To be sure, superior firepower, whether physical or technical is a determining factor but the "heart" governs the application of resources, which makes spirit the most powerful force on the field. Acquiring the spirit necessary to win, which includes a positive acceptance of pain is difficult in a society where comfort is more highly regarded than capacity, where genuine physical fitness is the norm for less than 15% of the population. A visit to any normal gym that is open to the public offers an idea of what modern society thinks it means to be fit; magazines are read while "running" or "biking," discomfort is proscribed, intensity is lacking. Modern fitness is defined by appearance rather than actual horsepower. A training environment contaminated by this attitude cannot produce the results we seek, physical or mental.

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That is what Full Extension looks like


3 Max L-Sits

Front Squat 2x2

Rest 5 minutes then

3 Rounds for time
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings (Men use 1.5 pood/Women use 1 pood)
12 Pull Ups

Post loads and times to comments

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  1. Longest L-sit was 48 sec? I can't remember now.

    Front squat 145 with chains

    "Helen" 8:02 (PR)- felt good all the way through, what a difference the kettlebells vs. a dumbell make on the swings!