Monday, March 22, 2010

Russian Swings

From now on, all we will do as far as Kettlebell Swings goes is the Russian Swing. There are several reasons for this. One being that that "American" Swing causes shoulder impingement and throws the grivek off-balance. Secondly, the Russian swing projects energy forward which translates better to real world applications. Thirdly, if we're going to go overhead, we may as well Snatch the weight (don't worry, we will ;)). And last, but not least, it actually is a better and more effective exercise, even with the ROM severely cut short.

Take notes, that's what it looks like to PR on "Helen".

Practice the Russian Swing

Handstand Push Ups
3 Max sets

Rest 5 minutes then

5-2 Minute Rounds
Sprint 100m
5 Rolling Box Jump Burpees (Men use 24"/Women use 18")
Kettlebell Swing for the remainder of the 2 minutes (Men use 32Kg/Women use 24kg)

Score is total of Kettlebell Swings

Post loads and scores to comments.

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