Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bottoms Up

The Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press (BUP) is a fun, challenging kettlebell motion; You hold an inverted kettlebell by the handle - balancing and pressing up at the same time. Let's motivate people to try it:

* It requires a combination of grip and pressing strength along with focus and coordination to press the kettlebell while maintaining the weight straight above the handle.
* It's a good assistance exercise for the bench press.
* It's a great way to work your weak side.
* Even small weight increases make a BIG difference,so it highlights the advantages and sturdiness of the Kettlestack.
* You can get better with practice, so it's a fun way to psych out your bigger friends (within limits).
* Done well, it looks very cool! (we're always willing to post other videos if you've got them ) . . . .

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Kettlebell Box Jumps

Weighted Pull Ups

Rest 5 minutes then
3 Minutes Max Squats
Rest 1 Minute
3 Minutes Max Double Unders
Rest 1 Minute
3 Minutes Max Ring Dips

Score is total of all reps completed

Post loads and times to comments.

1 comment:

  1. Pull Ups 70# + 2 pairs of chains

    As Rx'ed + 20# vest throughout
    123 Squats
    80 Double Unders
    41 Ring Dips

    244 Total Score