Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hidden Gluten

It’s no secret that living the gluten free lifestyle takes a fair amount of research and a huge amount of diligence. If you’re new on the learning curve, don’t get overwhelmed – it does become second nature after a while. The payoff is big for you or your gluten free family member and I speak from experience, it will definitely get easier. Here are 4 tips for successfully avoiding hidden gluten at the grocery store.

1. Identify your allergy/intolerance/sensitivity

Know the foods that trigger a reaction and study the names they may hide under. Many ingredients go by multiple names, so if you think you may forget all the things you are looking for, bring a list to the store until you feel confident that you’ve got it. There is conflicting information on some gluten ingredients, so do your homework. You can purchase a listing of known gluten free brands as a reference in the form of an iphone app, or in book form (I have Cecilia’s Gluten Free Shopping Guide, by Matison and Matison.)

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8 Rounds for total time
Sprint 400m
10 Push Ups
Rest 90 seconds

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  1. I rode 9 miles and ran 1 mile immediately after in the morning.

    In the evening I did 8 rounds of 100 jump ropes 10 pushups and 10 squats with the 45 #bar on my back in 21:36. A little variation due to the cardio this morning.